Prize Draws for the Safe Blues Experiment at UoA

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The rules*

As you participate in the Safe Blues experiment you collect hours which increase your chances of winning prizes. The more hours you collect the higher your chances. Here is how it works:

* We reserve the right to change these parameters for the third prize draw to maximize equity.
** The source code used for the prize draw can be found here.

Some testimonials of prize winners from the special prizes (draw of December 16)*

* Subject to individual participant approval.

Cushla McGoverin: I am a senior research fellow in the Department of Physics, and the Dodd Walls Centre, at the University of Auckland. I use spectroscopy to study foods, bacteria, biological tissue and pretty much anything where rapid non-destructive measurements are advantageous. I learnt about the Safe Blues experiment in phase one through an email a friend forwarded because they thought I would be interested. The need to improve scientific understanding of how social mobility and epidemic spread interact is clearly important and by merely downloading and running an app I could help researchers in their endeavor to improve this understanding, hence I downloaded the app and have been running it ever since. Thanks to the Safe Blues team for their work and I look forward to seeing what the Safe Blues team learns through the future phases.

Rhys McArthur-Tomes: I'm Rhys, a student at UoA taking a Bachelor of Advanced Science in Computational Biology. I keep an eye out for research to participate in, because if I ever need human participants I hope other students will be looking to help. Safe Blues is probably the easiest I've joined, since I just let it run on my phone. We also get to see the results of the experiment which interests me as a science student, and we can contribute to research to eventually help our community.

Some testimonials of prize winners from Phase 2 (draw of September 16)*

* Subject to individual participant approval.

Jacob King: My name is Jacob King and I'm a first year doing a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and criminology. When my stats lecturers mentioned this experiment I figured that i might as well sign up. It has been a easy process, and it is nice to be in a study that helps everyone out and maybe win a prize as well.

Daniella Joven: I'm Daniella Joven and I'm a 2nd year BSci student majoring in Computer Science. My friend was actually the one who introduced me to the Safe Blues project and asked me to join. I thought "why not?" it seemed like a cool experiment and it let my phone do all the work. Might aswell get more benefit and help out for going to my classes haha. It was pretty easy to set up too! Hope the data helped out with the study :))

Thomas Grant: My name is Thomas Grant, I am a 4th year PhD candidate studying medicinal chemistry. I feel it is always good to help others with their research where possible. A lot of good science requires participation from others and if any of my research required crowd support in the future I would hope others get involved, so I feel as though it's important to pay-it-forward. This research is especially topical due to the current pandemic and being able to help by doing something as simple as having an app run on my phone was really easy. I am happy to have been able to be part of this project and hope the results from it go on to help in some way.

Jaynie Yang: Hello, my name is Jaynie, I’m currently doing a masters in environmental science at UoA. I was introduced to Safe Blues by my sister and thought it seemed like a no fuss, easy experiment to participate in because it simply runs in the background. It’s nice to be able to contribute to scientific research and have the chance to win prizes along the way (woohoo!).

Some testimonials of prize winners from Phase 1 (draw of June 10)*

* Subject to individual participant approval.

Andrew Battley: I'm a current Honours student in Chemistry, studying main group polymers with the Leitao Lab, and working as a GTA for a first year Engineering course. I've recently completed a BE(Hons)/BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry here at UoA, so I'm always excited to get involved with research across as many fields as I can. This experiment seemed a great opportunity to be a data-point in what seems a very relevant and important experiment, with minimal active input required from myself. I understand just how useful it can be to have more data when you're building a model, so figured why not help out where I can? As a Vice President of the Auckland University Tramping Club, I have also observed just how disruptive Covid has been to our student clubs and societies, so I hope this research brings a greater understanding of viral spread that can help us in planning and responding to such crises in the future. It's going to be really interesting to see what results come of this experiment, and the ongoing research!

Hadas Livne: My name is Hadas Livne and I'm a first year BSci student majoring in Computer Science. I came across Safe Blues as I was taking STATS101 as a part of my degree and saw that volunteers were needed. It's been a pleasure participating in this experiment, the app was very easy to install. I hope the information has helped out :)

Michael Connaughton: I'm a mechanical engineer. I came to the University of Auckland to study psychology and computer science. Our statistics lecturer mentioned this study around the time they were teaching us about the challenges of enrolling research participants and various sampling problems. So I signed up partially out of guilt, but also it's nice to contribute to pandemic related research without having to really do anything different. For the amount of effort involved (install an app), the prizes are really generous. I'm supprised more people aren't signed up - and though I'd selfishly like to maximise my odds of winning something again in the next couple of phases - it'd be cool to know they were getting data for as large a sample size as possible. So again out of guilt, I'd encourage people at UoA to get involved : P

Natalie Jones: I am a third year BA/BSc Conjoint student majoring in Mathematics, Music, and Education. When one of my lecturers mentioned this experiment in class, I figured that signing up wouldn't hurt and I could potentially win cool stuff! It has been a simple process, and it is cool to be helping contribute to a study that might help everyone out in the long term :)

Zihao Zhang: I'm a third-year Stats major who likes free stuff :) I'm very happy that I won a new phone (never expected tbh...). Statistically speaking, the more hours you record, the higher your chance of winning a price, so give it a go! After all you do not lose anything by trying :)

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